Welcome to the Quarterly.

Each Quarter we design and craft luxury accessories for men, direct from the makers, and cohesively curate them into collection sets. Collections are released Quarterly. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. 

Designed in Italy and Made in Italy, collections are produced in limited, small batch quantities at artisanal level quality. Collections are available online only, to members only, and therefore have no traditional retail margins and no membership fee’s.

A new approach that allows for unprecedented value for true luxury goods, coupled with a personal shopping experience designed to refresh.

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Quarterly Concept:

A personal shopping experience, designed to refresh your day to day. Members receive 4 collections per year, each collection includes a curated set of 4-6 luxury accessories, produced and hand selective by us. Bringing pieces together with purpose.


Como, Italy:

Using the textures from our massive archive in Como, Italy, as well as inspiration from our travels around the world, the goal is to produce items with modern fabrications, style, and historical context.



A members only concept capped at 1,000 global members. Challenging the ideas around scale and keeping things small to ensure experience is paramount. Making items are of the highest quality, without compromise.